The future of Orange County politics starts Tuesday

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A March 12 special election for supervisor could answer this: Was ’18 midterm an aberration, or is O.C. really blue?

For an officially non-partisan special election, the March 12 vote to select a supervisor might say a lot about the future of partisan politics in Orange County.

On the one hand, a win by one of the big-name Republicans on the ballot could assure the party faithful that the GOP brand isn’t as shaky, locally, as last November’s election suggested.

On the other, a win by the one big-name Democrat could signal that the so-called “blue wave” of 2018 — in which Democrats took every federal office in a county once synonymous with Republican politics — wasn’t a blip.

What’s certain is that local GOP leaders are taking the contest seriously, describing it as the first major fight of 2020.

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